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Fri 17, August 2018 06:02:38 BST

 World Championship 2019 Winner

Wednesday 8 May 2019

O'Sullivan, R
Selby, M
Trump, J
Higgins, J
Ding, Junhui
Robertson, N
Williams, Mark
Hawkins, B
Wilson, K
Allen, M
Murphy, S
Bingham, S
Lisowski, J
Yan, Bingtao
Day, R
Carter, A
Fu, M
Maguire, S
McGill, A
Perry, J
Xiao, Guodong
Brecel, L
Liang, W
Gilbert, D
Saengkham, N
Walden, R
Zhou, Yuelong
Dott, G
Gould, M
White, M
Akani, S
Allen, G
Cao, Yupeng
Davis, M
Holt, M
Jones, Jamie
Lyu, Haotian
Robertson, J
Un-Nooh, T
Craigie, S
Ford, T
Highfield, L
King, M
Wakelin, C
Wilson, G
Woollaston, B
Zhao, Xintong
Baird, S
Boileau, J
Cahill, J
Carrington, S
Chen, Zhe
Cope, J
Donaldson, S
Duffy, A
Figueiredo, I
Filipiak, K
Georgiou, M
Grace, D
Hamilton, A
Hicks, A
Higginson, A
Hill, D
John, D
Joyce, M
Li, Hang
Mann, Mitchell
Mehta, A
Milkins, R
O'Brien, F
Page, J
Poomjaeng, D
Preece, I
Selt, M
Slessor, E
Stevens, M
Tian, Pengfei
Vafaei Ayouri, H
Wang, Yuchen
Williams, R
Xiongman, Fang
Yu, De Lu
Zhang, A
Zhang, Yong
Astley, John
Burden, A
Burns, I
Dale, D
Doherty, K
Dunn, M
Lines, O
Maflin, K
McLeod, R
McManus, A
Mei, XW
Miah, H
O'Donnell, M
Steadman, C
Ursenbacher, A
Walker, L
Wells, D
Akbar, H
Bond, N
Borg, Alex
Brown, Jordan
Clark, Rhys
Davison, P
Dunham, K
Ebdon, P
Hull, R
Jones, D
Jones, Jak
Lam, S
Lawler, R
Leong, TC
Lines, P
Muir, R
O'Sullivan, S
Sharav, E
Stefanow, A
Taylor, A
Wattana, J
White, J

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